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Montel Williams

I cannot believe he still has a show. I was watching TV, one of the 10 channels that I now get, and I saw a commercial for his show. Craziness.

I worked on some of my affiliate programs today and found out a way to “farm” the keywords. A mix of a few tools, a few cut and pastes, a few formulas and I am up to 500 phrases… so that was great.

Last night I went to my new job after I got out of work. We chatted for a bit and I saw the software I will be working with. It is pretty crazy how advanced it is. I will be working with a massive amount of talent and cannot wait to start. They have already made me feel like part of the team.

We went out for drinks and dinner and then ended the evening with live band karaoke at The Pontiac grill in Chicago. I came home and passed out pretty much immediately. When I woke up I saw that I missed what may have been a booty call??? 3:30am from a lady I rarely talk to? Note to self – leave phone volume on.

Woke up this morning…laptop was still running and checked the board…Google had a dance. It is called Florida…it has been months since we have seen an algo tweak like this. My theory is they dissect the pages that the links are found on and apply some of the weight of the page to your incoming link… kind of hard to explain, but it could be drawn out rather easy. Also it looks like they took out some of the link farms and domain crosslinking that has been dominating. I still need to look into it further and see if my theory is solid. Most likely it is shit….hahaha

On side note, AIRWOLF is on the TV now. I have never seen so much fast forward in a show before…it is amazing.

I need to reverse/social engineer the contact info for Dean Kamen, the man who invented the segway (it), you know the 2 wheel free standing device that uses gyros to stabilize. I bet the segway has more gyro stabilization then AIRWOLF.

Anyhow I am looking to contact him to discuss his new invention, which is a water purification system that uses a steam distillation to purify the water…and old inefficient way of doing it. Well he made a change to this and recycles the heat used in the process and re-applies it to the steam…really basic idea, but an excellent application.

My goal is to find out any info I can, as well ask him a few questions. I doubt I will get a reply, but it would be great if I did.

Airwolf is now over, and may have been the worst show I have ever seen. The action was played at double time. It involved the cold war, weapons of terror, a man with a Russian accent, train hijacking, explosions, a scaled model of a helicopter, 1-3 mullets, a rock’n sound track, an oxy acetylene torch being used improperly and a really shitty line at the end. “he will mail his move to Moscow”. The 2 guys in it played chess to pass the time while they protected these weapons, one was an American, one was Russian. It was terrible.

Such a worthless long post. Good for content however.

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