iPod’s Dirty Secret – Neistat Brothers

December 7, 2003 · 0 comments

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iPod’s Dirty Secret – Neistat Brothers

This is a pretty cool movie that these guys made in order to fight the shitty policy that apple had with the replacement of an ipod battery pack.

I guess the batteries on an ipod die after about 18 months, far after the 90 day warranty expires. And they did not originally offer a battery replacement service, which they do now. For $99.00 plus $29.95 shipping.

Before they offered the service you used to have to go and buy a new one or a do a full service fix…which cost like 250 dollars.

Pretty smart on apples end to make the ipod somewhat of a consumable product, meaning that it something that is used and must be replaced. It is also a very nasty move.

Anyhow the movie that these guys made persuaded apple into having the battery replacement policy.

Thank you Neistat Brothers.

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