Top phrases searched this week

December 12, 2003 · 0 comments

in Top Searches

– 2 for “mikey”
– 1 for “awesome”
– 1 for “bigfoot”
– 1 for “gi joe”
– 1 for “gi joe psa”
– 1 for “gijoe”
– 1 for “i haven t done it in a while though”
– 1 for “i started the creepy searches cause that girl was searching
her name all the tim”
– 1 for “lousy sex”
– 1 for “might as well start again cause everyone else is doing it”

I do not know what to think of the above…it sure is interesting though…curious who it is.

I was at SES(search engine strategies) Chicago this week. It was great. I stayed out late and met lots of the top SEO’s in the land. There were tons of clueless people at the event. It was great.

I will give some details later on.

Ipod arrived and I loaded it with 10+ gigs of mp3s…work now has a nice soundtrack!

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