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December 2, 2003 · 0 comments

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Ol werty has been busy, so to the three of you who check this I am sorry for the delay:

These are from this week and pretty funny:

There were 17 searches for the week ending 11/29/03 for werty dot net

Here are the top phrases searched:

– 1 for “1985 super bears superbowl”
– 1 for “ankle sausage”
– 1 for “blog spam”
– 1 for “blog spam on werty net”
– 1 for “george washington”
– 1 for “george werty”
– 1 for “good luck that kicks so much ass it makes me want to drink so i am”
– 1 for “hahahha you got such a small wang”
– 1 for “innexplicable search results”
– 1 for “mike ryan is amazing”

These are from last week:

Here are the top phrases searched:

– 2 for “gi joe”
– 1 for “contact lens”
– 1 for “gi joe psa s”
– 1 for “heather ackroyd and dan harvey”
– 1 for “psa”
– 1 for “psa remix”
– 1 for “soggy underpants”

If you are still looking for the soggy underpants, I am wearing em.

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