What a weekend

December 1, 2003 · 0 comments

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So this weekend was thanksgiving. That went really well. Spent the whole day at the grandparents house. I even helped cook and clean, such a great grandson…

My first week at work was completed. It went well. We launced the first site I will be working on and it has already been crawled, which is good news…we will see how everything else goes with this site.

Friday I was in a “food coma” I ate way too much on thursday.

Sat. went well and I went out to dinner with Lisa and Joanne. I have not seen lisa since the summer and it has been a few weeks since I have seen Joanne…anyhow that was cool. We went to Flat top grill. The power went out for a few minutes, it was interesting…it changed the mood of the place and I liked it. Plus the street got a little darker, which I always like.

Sunday I was home sick, thanks flat top grill and I watched the bears game. I was sick as a dog, some might say sicker… I must have had a reaction/allergy(??) to some of the sauces I tried. It was terrible. I drank one glass of water and a bowl of soup…I could barely keep that down.

The bears raised hell and won the game 27-3. Hopefully they will continue to not suck and win a few more games. They really looked impressive, which is strange since much of the year they have sucked. A few errors yesterday, but overall they played well. The defense dominated as usual. The main change is that the offense actually moved up the field. They were playing a new running back who averaged like 8 yards a carry.

I found out today that A woman I used to work with passed away. She had cancer. She worked until the end which is really sad. I wish she would have enjoyed her self and traveled or something. There will be no funeral as her body was cremated.

I said a prayer for her which is odd for me, but she is the 3rd person who I have known who has passed away while I have been old enough to understand it. It is inevitable that there will be more, since we all get closer every day.

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