What a crappy start of the day

January 6, 2004 · 0 comments

in 2004,Werty

It started with me waiting for 3 trains… The first 2 were express due to some problem…then mine sits underground for a good 10 minutes: “this train is experiencing technical difficulties. The driver of this train has has gotten off of the cars in order to fix the problem.”

I usually get to work by 10am. Today I got there at 10:30… so good. Not only did it suck being late…it sucked because it was like 15 degrees outside and I had to wait an additional 20 minutes. F this weather.

Other then that things are good. The cold sucks. Waiting for a new coat to arrive. Recieved someone elses package and trying to sort that mess out. I have a few updates I need to post to here.

Oh well. X-mas was great, new years was good. This weekend was pretty good too.

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