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hot damn, this site rules. note to self….cook more often. work less. enjoy life. call your friends. exercise. groom. cry. feel emotion. smile.

seriously, this is the worst week in a long as time, perhaps ever. life changes on the horizon… last night i needed silence and darkness to get to sleep. tonight i am restless and cannot fall asleep. The other night I was experiencing insomnia and realized that I probably never have experienced pure darkness or silence. I have not seen a star in a few months… I a not sure if it is because I am not looking up, or because I too busy looking forward or down? I need to take a new friend up on an offer this summer and just relax and drink beer, while getting bit my mosquito’s and staring up into the midnight sky.

I did take it slow and even made some art on Sunday. There is one beautiful picture that can capture the thoughts of this week… well i guess 2… i will load them tomorrow maybe and link to them.

Artistic commentary to follow. Fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, juxtaposition, fluff, name drop, fluff, fluff, technical mastery, fluff, fluff, price tag.

Well I am gonna try and go to bed, hope everyone I know is doing alright.

There are gonna be like 20 emails I have to send out this week, oh and the calls. Sorry to everyone I have been an asshole to.

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