The search for a veterinarian because of a dogs smell!

February 10, 2004 · 0 comments

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This is a pretty interesting story from my message board. here is the original thread:
Attention dog owners

Well it starts like this: “My dog really really stinks. I give him baths about every two weeks and the stench doesn’t come from his body fur. The stench mostly comes after he’s been itching his face. Do you think that he just has bad allergies and his face gets stinky with snot? Or what else?

Also, he has floppy ears and they seem so dry. Do most dogs with floppy ears have dry inside flaps? I do not know this because my other dog has teeny ears. ”

Well people start going off and they tell her she needs to take her dog to the vet. It might be an ear infection/disease and that they need to take it to a veterinarian or else the dog might go deaf.

Then it turns into people recommending veterinary insurance and they want me to give them a link…so I will.

While searching for a link I came across a good resource for pets and dog related issues including finding a veterinarian for your dog or cat. As well as finding pet stores or dog kennels and dog sitter. Veterinarian and veterinary doctor Directory

I will see if i can dig around and find a link to the veterinary insurance as that could help everyone out as well, if I find it I will post it.

None the less the thing that got me all weirded out was that this all started because she was wondering why her dog smelled… Hopefully all the problems will be solved, the dog will be taken to a veterinarian, and the poor thing will not have any more seizures or strokes. That thread alone contains about 200 reasons why I should never own a pet or child.

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