Here are the top phrases searched:week ending 03/20/04 for werty dot net

March 26, 2004 · 0 comments

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Here are the top phrases searched:

– 7 for “ive got nipples focker can you milk me”
– 6 for “its time for the percolator”
– 6 for “killed my fucking tits this time”
– 2 for “[ blank query ]”*
– 1 for “barf stew”
– 1 for “fred honeycut sculptor”
– 1 for “how to shag wendi”
– 1 for “ipod sex rough”
– 1 for “massage”
– 1 for “pussy”

Some of these are great…I think Jake is to blame about this one: – 1 for “how to shag wendi”

The answer is actually a few simple steps:
1. Get real REAL drunk.
2. Smoke something illegal
3. Makeout and puke
4. Repeat #3
5. Pass out before the the shagging starts
6. Wake up wondering where you are.

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