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March 1, 2004 · 0 comments

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Your Top Searches:

There were 9 searches for the week ending 02/21/04 for werty dot net at

Here are the top phrases searched:

– 2 for “least interesting blog ever”
– 1 for “all saints”
– 1 for “boob”
– 1 for “flashlight dildo”
– 1 for “janet jackson”
– 1 for “keenan blowjob”
– 1 for “super bowl”
– 1 for “world s worst lover”

The 2 searches for “least interesting blog ever” are dead on, as is “world s worst lover”.
I am glad that someone finally realized this blog is a marketing ploy just to shoot off links to other sites…the links seem to hold some weight.

I am back from Orlando, the weather was colder than Chicago, you could see your breath a night, so I am thinking low 40’s. I mainly hung out and talked nerd at the hotel and drank beer, it was really good though: too much info, too much drinking, and not enough sleep.

On Saturday night there was an “oz party”/swinger party at the hotel I stayed at (clarion airport hotel orlando). I guess I missed out on most of the fun because I went to bed early. The highlights I saw were the worlds creepiest dj, some “swingers” going back to a hotel room – they were 2 girls in about 4 inch skirts, and one guy. When I woke up later on there were feathers in the lobby from the feather boas…

Anyhow it was great to meet many of the guys I talk to on the message boards, talk industry talk with people who understand it, drink beer, and get sex eyes from mid 30’s Orlando women.

Orlando cab drivers are the scum of the earth…that is if they do not have a meter…not sure how it works, but I guess they charge per person and that is all…they are complete weasels. For the one restaurant we went they charged 7 dollars a person which came close to 100 round trip…whatever.

I went to a good sushi restaurant that had live drummers that would go around the place, then head out to an island(floating) in the center of the restaurant. That will make no sense, so what it actually was – you walk down a path to get this place and cross through a garden/pond area, the restaurant wraps around that with full windows. In the center of the pond is a island type this with drums and mics on it.

Anyhow, every hour these 3 girls would walk around the restaurant playing drums, then go out to the island and play for 5-10 minutes. It was interesting the first time, but lost its touch the second time. The sushi was great as was the seaweed salad. I tried spicy crawfish rolls which tasted just like spicey tuna but had a different texture.

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