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April 14, 2004 · 0 comments

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I have been busy with work.
I am trying to start getting a social life again.
I want to start working out at least 3 times weekly. I gained like 5 lbs in 2 weeks…and it was not good weight.
I have had a small headache for a few days.
I am going to be getting a good size tax refund this year…now I will have money for crank and whores…
I am thinking of buying property…like a condo or 2 flat… It is kind of scary, but kind of smart at the same time…rent is a waste…the only downside to buying a place would be living there for X length of time.
I might just save a pile of money and invest it in something stupid…maybe nanotechnology (joke…nanotech is actually the future)
fantasy-sports.com is for sale
werty dot net is now a PR5, kinda funny considering it is a piece and I do very little to optimize it
A while back I posted a spammy posting to a girls site who was selling a horse trailer…it ended up ranking high for all illinois trailer searches and sold…someone made 10g’s from it…it was not me, but cool either way.
I will change this layout of this site at some point…if I can get help with the CSS conversion.
I fall in love twice a day
Chai tea is the drink of the gods
I cut back on my drinking
Chicken and waffles is a great meal
I am going to toronto in like a month, and cannot wait…I am craving a break
I have a little bit of saving now and want to blow it on electronics…
I might be getting a free green tinted TV this week from a co-worker.
HellBoy the movie is TERRIBLE
City west theatre is ghetto on tuesdays.
I am ghetto on the weekend.
Anthony logistics hand/body lotion smells damn good
Vitamins will one day rule the world
B12/B6 in turbo doses=healthy mind
It is fun to be a jerk
I hate the blue line
Mornings are for chumps
Reading is good
People are not
I need to start painting/photo/sculpture again.
Hot dates rule
There are 2 types of massages…
Corn Syrup will be the death of us
I won a free song from Itunes
Social Networking is stupid
show me your tits
It is good to have friends
Carbon Monoxide, the silent killer
Things should be cheaper, and we should be paid more
I will never be able to afford a good view
Summer is just around the corner
I need to have a yard sale
I cannot wait to BBQ
I can out shoot 90% of the population(photography)
Based on my experience, blondes can have fun
The glass is rarely empty
My plate is always full

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