Fathers day and the BBQ Weekend

June 22, 2004 · 0 comments

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Fri – work, food (bbq), booze
Sat – JACK SHIT! Other then order tons of books from Amazon!
Sun – grandparents house, bbq, fathers day, bowling, mikeys bday, sleep
Mon – work, workout.

I have not worked out in a long while, it was a nice change. Sometime last week I did yoga for liek 3 hours, so I am a giant fucking liar. But i went to the gym tonight and worked out, and it was nice. Now if only I could do it more often. My goal is to work a normal schedule and start getting some exercise again. I have turned into a giant piece of marshmello, which is gross. And grosser than normal, actually.

I would also like to try eating healthier. We will see how that goes. We went to eat the big slice today, and they were “closed for vacation”, I think the vacation was health code violations!!! Hahahahahaha. YUM.

I am trying to think if anythign else is/has been goin gon, and I can not really remember anything that important, that I would want all the people on the interent to read.

Tomorrow is my Dads birthday. We did not get to see him on fathers day, and when I called (around 7pm) he was already sleeping. I will probably call him around that time tomorrow and he will probably be sleeping again. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I totally saved enough money for a down payment and made the final transfer over. I have also been approved to get a loan… the scray thing is I do not have a fucking clue what I

So lets get a few goals up here:

‘ Eat Better
‘ Work Out at least once a week and do pushups every night
‘ Save Money
‘ go to art museums
‘ shave more often

We will see if that ever happens. I have not shaved in liek 3 weeks. It is great!

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