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I found a website about Ronald Reagan called God-Bless-America.us

I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s got a big banner at the top with Ronald Reagan’s picture on it. But it’s called God Bless America. It even has the lyrics to God Bless America. Who makes this stuff? What are they trying to accomplish offering Ronald Reagan quotes on a website called God Bless America?

Some people have too much time on their Ronald Reagan hands. But what do I know? This God Bless America Ronald Reagan tribute site was probably put together by some hot Republican chick, so maybe I won’t say anything bad about it.

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1 sarah jane 08.09.04 at 6:46 pm

this has nothing to do with ronald reagan. sorry. i was at my “usual board” looking at a thread by some guy wanting a couple shows in the midwest and there was a link there to lightblueextra.com and i was all “huh, wasnt that werty’s site?” and then i saw the link to this site and i was all “its werty!” so i thought i would say hi. this is sarah jane/digitalux, originally from grand rapids, now in detroit. you were my gracious host a couple times in chicago. hope things are well!
* end non-reagan comments

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