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September 20, 2004 · 0 comments

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Dear Exposed Brick,

So I have gotten all grown up…my hair has been growing out for months, I have not shaved for weeks and I will be speaking in 2 months at Pub Con Las Vegas… somehow I became an expert in the industry and will now be allowed to speak to a room full of people about ridiculous search engine topics… I cannot believe it either… Well actually I can… I have been doing this for a few years now and it has taken over my life. I work around 12+ hours a day, and when I am not working I am reading about the industry… I have learned to skip the industry news and have met the people who create the mess that they are reporting. I even work with people who do it and add to the pot full of ideas. I have learned more from hitting the boards at webmasterworld than anyone could learn from school. Not only have I learned valuable tactics, but I have met some really cool people and have made long lasting relationships.

I am pretty scared of speaking at this thing, but I think it will be a great hurdle that I need to cross. I know that once I reach the other side, I will still not be content with what I have and will strive for more… reaching and grabbing for whatever is there to fill the void that is my self. I swear one of these days I will take some time and listen deep to my “heart” and figure out what I truely want…maybe even what I need. I am reading this crazy/amazing book right now by Jiddu Krishnamurti it is called The First and Last Freedom.

It is brilliant…he asks so many questions and spits out these crazy simplistic answers… some of the stuff is just clicking with me and it makes me upset that I am in a different less creative place than I used to be… I should just be happy that I have ever “seen the light” (I have).

Well you know that I miss starring at you and solving the worlds problems in my mind, but I have a feeling that I will see you in a few weeks.

See you soon my dear friend,

PS: We will need to get a few supplies together for the rendezvous

PSS(to the 1-3 readers): I am not really insane, this letter only one or two people may understand… if we ever meet ask me the significance of the brick wall and I will tell you a tale of utter happiness.

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