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October 13, 2004 · 0 comments

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I ordered this garbage can about a week ago, it arrived at the office today… and the horror story begins.

I just moved into my own place and I am “pimping in out”. It is pretty swanky thus far and I needed to get a garbage can that would fit my styles. I checked Target, as well as Target.com and the can they had fell short of my expectations, especially for the price they wanted. EEEEK!

So I come home and check Overstock.com, and I find the “trash can of my dreams”, a Hailo Trento 14 Design Pedal Waste Bin with Invisible Liner in Stainless Steel. She is a short and sexy Stainless Steel Pedal Trash Can. I decide to order and hope this will be the last kitchen garbage can that I will ever need. Days go by and I see that it finally ships via DHL. I get it sent to my work because I did not want to have the package left at my doorstep and have a person take it.

Well today the package arrives, and it was shipped in the retail packaging! The type of packaging that an item should not be shipped in, as it does not have the durability of a corrugated cardboard box. The box was a little beat up and had a slight rattle to it.

I lug this mutha on the train home from work, and open it up. All looks well, wxcept for a slight dent…I inspect the bottom and whammo…I see some damage (indicated in the pictures below).

I call overstock.com up and they are not very helpful. I would have to wait to get a return sticker, which allows free shipping. When this arrives, I would need to put it on the garbage can box, repack the garbage can, lug it back to work, on the train, and send it via UPS. Then once they recieved this trash can they would send me a replacement…and there is no way to tell if those morons at overstock.com would have more common sense and actually place the can in a reinforced cardboard box, so I would maybe get the same treatment again. I would then have to lug it home on the train…What a terrible experience.

My bitching did get me a $10 off coupon for overstock.com, oh what will I buy next…maybe something fragile this time!!! That is about 30 cents a minute for my time…yippee. And I have broken overpriced garbage can.

The good news is that the can seems like it will function just fine, even with the damage done to it. Either way I think Overstock.com did a terrible job in regards to customer service. I even talked to a manager(melissa). At least she tried to help me. Either way my experience at Overstock was not a pleasurable one, and I would not recommend that people use them. Use Amazon.com instead, at least they know how to pack boxes.

OVERSTOCK.COM gets two middle fingers up, way up!

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