Corrupt DMOZ Editor

December 3, 2004 · 11 comments

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Woah…check out this blog about a good editor turned bad… hopefully he will add my pr0n links when I need some added.

Corrupt DMOZ Editor: “I’m going to tell you everything I have done. I’m going to give you a
blow by blow of every DMOZ inclusion I am paid to make. I will tell you
how I shake people down, and punish those who refuse to pay me.”

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1 Anonymous 02.03.05 at 3:17 pm

Strikes me that every editor is off the rails. is another prime example of editors gone bad/or good 🙂

2 Anonymous 02.13.05 at 8:07 am

It’s the usual rabid rubbish from someone who couldn’t get his spam sites into the ODP – he is not, and never has been an editor; NOTHING he says shows any insider info – even though he’s been challenged – and if he really loved his scams, Why Go Public? It just doesn’t add up!

3 Anonymous 02.23.05 at 4:52 pm

Well if it is really rubbish then why not ask a question at like what notes are on a URL (yours) and lets see shall we!

4 Anonymous 03.05.05 at 8:26 am

I have 4 web sites in DMOZ, and in every case I have paid the 20$ fee to have the application reviewed faster.

I think it is pretty normal to donate money to editors, they are afterall spending valuable time editing the directory.

5 Anonymous 03.22.05 at 1:39 pm


6 Anonymous 04.08.05 at 7:53 am

I am an editor and I have never accepted an bribe.

7 Anonymous 05.29.05 at 6:29 pm

#in every case I have paid the 20$ fee to have the application reviewed faster.#
prove it, or shut it 😉

8 Anonymous 05.29.05 at 8:16 pm

Yes I am indeed the owner of that site, and the $20 offer is only good till next week. Due to supply and demand the price will then go up to $30.

You want proof I’m an editor – I can tell you that April 17 the category Computers/Internet/Searching/Search_Engines/Google/

9 Anonymous 10.07.05 at 5:39 pm

I asked a editor to accept $20 as suggested in this thread, but the offer was rejected. I got my site in free of charge!

10 Vegan 09.11.08 at 6:12 am

OK, I have a very very nice website, good content, unique and I took all the shots with my camera and have got my editor to write hundreds of pages.. however it has been more than a year editor hasn’t added my site although he updated the category I have submitted three times. I am ready to pay $1K for him to review, is there a way to do so ? I am really sad not seeing my site up there whereas crappy sites are listed. any idea to bring my concern?

11 Joe Laska 09.27.10 at 6:30 pm

I have been trying to get in DMOZ for 5 yrs. My site is 6yrs old and I make a living from in so it must be worthy to someone. If a DMOZ editor reads this, please list my site in DMOZ.

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