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July 1, 2005 · 0 comments

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We all know how easy google maps are to use. they allow you to quickly pull the map around to where you want to go. Well recently google maps opened up its API which allows people to pull data and intergrate other things with the maps.

One really cool example is HousingMaps.

Housing maps uses google maps and craigslist data and incorperates them on the google maps, and lets you sort them by price, bedrooms and whether or not they have pictures. If you have ever used craigslist to find an apartment you know how hard it can be, this takes it to a whole new level, and I will say it is the best apartment finder out there. Really nicely built, clean and easy to use, plus it is cool.

Another neat application is google-yahoo-traffic-weather.

This is the google map with the info from yahoo traffic on the top of it. It allows you to go to the map and see where there is road construction or traffic jams…in real time! It is useful when planning a trip to a major city.

Chicago Crime Interactive Map:
This is a cool application for chicago residents, or anyone thinking about moving to chicago. The city of Chicago has a cool website where you can check out crime in your area, but you have to view it by police beat, which can be a little difficult, and you can live in an area on the edge of 2 beats. This tool throws all the chicago police data on a google map. Really useful app.

I think it is just a matter of time until the search engines add this data to their own maps, I think they open up APIs just so they can have really smart people built out applications that they never thought of, then if it easy enough they built it themselves and slap their logo on it, either that or hire the developer. Now I am just waiting for someone to build out a sweet restaurant finder website that uses these maps and adds the data.

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