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September 25, 2005 · 0 comments

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In the last month or so I have been to Barbados, Spain, Germany, Montreal and now back in Canada… I am warn out but energenic at the same time.

Lets break these down by location:

Barbados – My work sent me down there to train some employees and see what I thought of the island. I had mixed feelings…the temperature is brutal, it is hot as fuck down there…like 33C or 90something F, and humid. Also the sun down there is about 20x as intense as the sun in Canada…and I a pasty bitch that sits in front of the computer. On the plus side the beaches and water there were AMAZING. The ocean is perfect and the temperature is just cool enough to cool you down, but not get you cold…perfect. It is rather expensive there and a car would be required. Housing is about 1500USD per month for a one bedroom apartment!!! Rum is cheap and limes grow on trees…plus you could swim every day of the year…so I guess there are tradeoffs.

My European trip
So this was the first time I ever left North America, and boy was I spoiled rotten. We managed to get bumped up to first class on “operational upgrade” by Air Canada… this was my first First Class flight I have even been on and it was amazing. I had a nice 4 course meal including 3 types of wine and a coctail…then I reclined and got a good 5 hours of sleep. It was great.

We landed in Frankfort and had a 2 hour layover. From here we flew to Madrid then to Malaga…the Malaga leg of the trip was on SpanAir which was horrid. Once we got to Malaga we had to head to Marbella, once we got there we checked in to the hotel and went out on the town.

I ended up getting stupid drunk about half of the nights, the first night being the worse. The second day the rest of the nerds arrived and the business talking began…It was great. Many of the missing puzzle pieces came into place for me…now it is just a matter of applying what I learned. I would like to thank anyone that was there for a great time.

The weather was perfect, both durring the day and at night, but the water was frigid in the Sea… like 45 degrees I am guessing. Prices were extremely expensive, because I guess the area we were in would be compared to Beverly Hills…Drink prices of 15-20 Euro were not uncommon…thank the lord for credit cards.

After this we went with ThomasB to Oktoberfest in Munich…holy shit, this may have been the best night of my life. munich was a beautiful city. The weather was like a brisk fall day in chicago…which is my favorite type of weather…the city had a miz of new and old buildings, but the new buildings used the same style as the old. The roads were coblestone and some of the patterns in the streets were crazy.

Jake and I purchased the proper outfits of Oktoberfest and met Up with Thomas later in the night, who already had his. The beer tents were huge, and everyone was loaded, standing on the tables singing and dancing…and it was a Monday Night! We got to drunken drive in some bumper cars and eat at an old pub.

After this we went to an underground German dance club that was spinning 80’s hits including songs from Greece and Dirty Dancing…it was hilarious. We had a huge bottle of Vodka at our table with a pump on it…it had to have been 5 liters or more…pretty much insane.

On our final day in Munich we went to the Hofbraeu Haus and had a great meal. From here we went to the airport…on the way home we missed a connection and ended up getting home later than planned…not like that is a bad thing, but it is a shame the time spent was in the airport )c:.

*we = Rae, Jake and myself

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