How to replaces spaces with + plus signs in excel

October 25, 2005 · 2 comments

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So I have become kind of an excel power user over the last year or so and have found some crazy shortcuts to save time by using the power of excel to generate spreadsheets for google adwords or overture.

Here is a quick fix to change spaces to + signs in excel so that you can easily use a SID that is unique per keyword from CJ, that way you can track performance per keyword vs per campaign/adgroup:

Set up a spread sheet with:
keyword in column A
your unique landing code in column B (can be the same for all)
and this as column C: =SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(B1&”&SID=”&A1),” “,”+”)

Have fun, make money, send me 20%

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1 Jonathan 12.22.05 at 10:15 am


2 werty 12.22.05 at 12:53 pm

cj is commissionjunction –

and SID is their unique tracking codes you can apply to your ads/links. Session ID I am guessing it stand for.

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