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December 21, 2005 · 1 comment

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So I have 15 readers according to bloglines, but I get 100’s of visitors a day, they all are after 2 things, ipod problems and internet porn… here is what they looked for this week once they got to my site:

There were 7 searches this week:

– 1 for “adult” (HOT!)
– 1 for “free themessex” (no clue)
– 1 for “tiffany” (YES, miss tiffany teen)
– 1 for “tiffany teen themes” (see above, but even creepier because someone wants a tiffany teen theme for their computer??? stalker alert!)
– 1 for “triangle with exclamation” (ipod related?)
– 1 for “triangle with exclamation point” (ipod part two?)
– 1 for “will i lose songs if i reset my ipod” (nope, you should be fine, at least for the hard drive based ipods, not sure about the nano, since that uses memory vs a hard drive. It is liek resetting your computer, and should not effect any songs, although it will not remember where it was when it was reset, and you might lose the mobile playlist if you were using one, other then that you should be golden)

After my massive updates this week, I will try and stay more in touch and post more often…TRY, not like it matters.

Anyhow, much love to all of you and have a good christmas break, take some time off and shut off your computer… I have one week of downtime coming and I am looking really forward to it, even though it is cold as hell in Chicago. Bears Game on XMAS, Bears Game on news years day…superbowl sometime in Jan?? (c:

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1 caish 12.23.05 at 4:50 am

Hiya you,
Have great intentions of sending you a lil email but in case time gets the better of me…
Have a wonderful festive season. Much love to you and yours.

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