Werty V 4.0 – A new year and a new blog

January 30, 2006 · 1 comment

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So this blog finally has been updated to wordpress v2.0. I have been dreading the update for a while, but when my rankings tanked in December, and Mikey offered to help, I felt now was the time. I plan to play around with this for a while and see where everything goes. I will have to re-organize all of my old post, and give them new titles and categories, but it should be awesome. I will also be experiementing with various types of plug-ins and tagging that is available. Either way this is a good move and I am looking forward to see where this thing goes.

I look forward to hearing your feedback about the new design and any others you may notice on the site.

We did a 301 redirrect on the old rss feed, so hopefully you can still subscribe, if not you will need to change it.

Here is the last two search updates, from the old version. I have tracking built in to this box, so I should be able and keep you updated on the searches weekly or so, and perhaps can port the stats to the public and run it as a sidebar?

Who knows.

Here are the top phrases searched week ending 01/21/06 :

 – 3 for “robyn bewersdorf”
 – 2 for “tiffany teen”
 – 2 for “wety”
 – 1 for “asian”
 – 1 for “blood”
 – 1 for “chkdisc utility”
 – 1 for “format ipod”
 – 1 for “nikki next door”
 – 1 for “pussy”
 – 1 for “stretched” 

Here are the top phrases searched week ending 01/14/06 :

 – 4 for “tiffany teen”
 – 3 for “phil flash tiffany teen 3 min body lotion”
 – 2 for “next door nikki”
 – 1 for “casey”
 – 1 for “ipod battery”
 – 1 for “kelli young”
 – 1 for “princessblueyez”
 – 1 for “robyn bewersdorf”
 – 1 for “tiffany”
 – 1 for “what to do if button on mini ipod gets stuck”

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1 your_store 01.30.06 at 12:45 pm

I don’t know.. it looks a little too clean for werty.net 😉 At least bring back the self-portrait.

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