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February 25, 2006 · 5 comments

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I have had a notepad on my desk which I am in the process of cleaning, that had various notes and things that I wanted to blog. So now I am cleaning my desk and instead of throwing out my notes i am actually writing about the things.

A good 2 months ago I got in the habit of getting lots of sleep and my mood was better and I felt better overall, in addition to that I had all of these wicked dreams…so I took some of the notes down. Many are way out of memory so these notes may be just as confusing to you as they are to me:


car crash with sister
car is a piece, let me get something nicer
god is a woman
dream in color -> got a green hoopride

name -> camper “whaler”
“going to gibraltor” song lyrics-
reggae/lounge style
honey mooners tape
flat tire
“this camper has balls”

This had to have been one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had. I think my sister was having car troubles before christmas, and that brought up the car crash from her. somehow we ended up getting a newer better car, from god, who was a woman. God gave us this green mystery machine type van/camper that appeared to be a total piece. Well the piece was actually pretty sweet and we were traveling around the US listening to “going to jabraltor” which was like a raggae/lounge style of music, similar to some sublime song mixed with ob marley…

We were crusising around, I think we got chased and had a flat tire…we changed the tire an then she hit the gas, we laughed our asses off as she yelled “this camper has balls”. Apparently the camper has a nice ig block engine was able to go balls fast when needed…just looked a bit bulky on the outside.

I have no idea, but thinking about that dream makes me smile…

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1 mary 06.05.08 at 6:26 am

i once had a weird dream before as well
i was in lost in a mansion were skul was taught
but when i went to talk to someone
they went right through me
it was like i was a ghost in my own dream
but then
the next day i went on trip with my class
we went to the cinema to watch a film
but then i saw the same mainsion i saw in my dream
it was so freeky
what do you think it might mean?

2 Dajana 11.18.08 at 2:24 pm

Once I dreamed one boy and girl together who weren’t a couple in reality.. but next day.. the girl i dreamed told me she likes him.
Once I dreamed boy hits me and saying me “Oops! I’m so sorry!”
Next day on MSN we were chating and he told me “Oops! I’m so sorry!”. I could not believe. But now i’m used to it. almost everything i dream.. next day it really happens..
Can someone tell me is this strange?

3 Robx2 08.08.09 at 11:04 am

Dajana, what u experience is normal i should know i have the same thing the dreams are called foresight dreams basically u dream somethiing and then it happens

4 Daphne 08.12.09 at 9:52 am

I had this super wierd dream that I was standing in a desert and there were two camels really near to me then like a road built itself under me and things started being built around me and in the end I had no idea where I was but the camels were still there and there was like a knee high cage built around them and they just stayed standing there like they were in the beginning of the dream….and i noticed a sign outside of it that said “camel rides 5$” which i considered to be really strange. The next day I went to the fair at my friends bday party and I looked around and there were the camels with the same sign in front of them. This was SUPER wierd to me…I have never had a dream that actually happens any ideas as to why these dreams happen????

5 Gabby 08.17.10 at 6:16 pm

i had a really weird dream when i was 5 and i still rember it. i was at an aquarium and i bought this amulet at the gift shop (i dont know why) and then there was an outside exibit with xmas tress around it and signs that said “you can run but you cant hide” and “i’d turn back if i were you” i got kinda scared so my dad put me on his soulders and then a black uncooked raw chicken came out of the water making a weird choking sound. it came towrds me and tried to eat me it saw the amulet i was wearing and ran back to the water. then all of the sudden my cousin rachel (13 at the time) raced over the water in my moms car and ran over the chicken opened the door and told me to get in and then i woke up. i thought it was a nightmare at the time but now i kinda laugh at it. dose anyone know what it means? oh and i also watched a disturbing t.v. show that had a talking raw chicken in it that same day if that helps.

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