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February 12, 2006 · 0 comments

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This was a short weekend. Most are these days…the time just flies on by and it ends up being Monday and we just go and repeat the same thing as last week… suxors.

Well here is my recap of the weekend:

Friday I came home from work, then went to Jimmy Jazz and met a few people from work, then went to Vinyl and saw C’Mon, they were a 3 piece band, and were surprisingly good. The guitar player was a shredder. The end of their site got a little stupid as people invaded the stage and things started to make little sense… it was good though.

Saturday, I did not do much of anything other then poke around the house and cleanup some old paperwork from last year, did a few loads of laundry, as well as use some of the food in my cabinets. I made a pasta salad in the afternoon and made sushi for dinner. The pasta cooked fast due to my induction stovetop. It was nice to make the sushi, as is has been a while since I have made it. I used to love cooking and would make sushi probably once a month or so. I still had all the supplies and it came out pretty nice. The worst part about it was the lack of filling…I forgot I had carrots so I julienned those after my first rice roll…and made a carrot roll. The othert semi crappy part was the soy sauce I had… I will need to get some better quality one in the future…this was some low sodium soy sauce, they did not have the same flavor that my regular yamasa brand has. After dinner I crashed out on the couch and woke up at 5am.

Today I did not do much other then go to the grocery store and out for chicken wings later in the evening. Then I made my calls to the family and now I am blogging…wooo. I am dreading going to work tomorrow but what else is new? Mondays suck!

Hopefully this week will go pretyt fast. Here is a list of searches done on this site in the last week. Smoking fetish, seems to be a new one. I like it.

Term Searches Hits
tiffany teen 19 10
vdsgd 9 0
tiffany 6 10
ice 4 10
2 3 10
87725595858825898+9589898 3 0
bukaki 3 0
evil 3 8
Halo 3 3
ipod nano 3 1


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