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So as I mentioned in my previous post, that I will be moving out of Guelph. My sister has been reading up on it however and found some amazing this:

Sitting Pretty – The History Of the Toilet – More info here.

Mar 18, 2006 – Apr 30, 2006

Developed by Guelph Museums, this travelling exhibition explores the development of the modern toilet. The history and development of chamber pots and outhouses to the invention of indoor plumbing and the toilet itself are explored. Exhibit sections include: an interactive toilet seat question and answer game; the evolution of toilet paper; a full size outhouse featuring audio stories; the history of public washrooms; chamber pot designs, commodes and close stools; and a working cutaway toilet showing the working parts.

Since 2001 this exhibit has travelled across Canada starting on Vancouver Island with stops in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. The exhibit was well received across the country. In Alberta, local artists painted decorative toilet seats while in Manitoba they sculpted an ice outhouse. The exhibit was briefly mentioned on “This Hour as 22 Minutes”, been featured in Maclean’s magazine, The Toronto Star and The National Post and also featured twice on Breakfast Television.

Some more great info about Guelph:

DID YOU KNOW…? The jock strap was invented in Guelph. Created by Guelph Elastic Hosiery Company in the 1920. The company held a contest to name the product-and jock strap was the winning name. The prize was five dollars. source

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