Pimp That Snack: Another Great Website

July 14, 2006 · 3 comments

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I found this site called Pimp That Snack through some talk on another blog, and the site is brilliant. Pretty much it is how people make larger sized items of their favorite foods.

An example is someone wanted to make a larger than life style ROLO candy.

Here is the result:

From the King Rolo project.

Another is a giant burger:

THis is from Num Num Burgers

I have no idea what I would make, maybe a ginournmous fortune cookie.

What giant item would you make?

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1 your_store 07.15.06 at 11:21 am

Now I’ve wasted an hour.. thanks a lot 😉

2 Bartholemew 08.05.06 at 2:31 pm

thanks for the effin waste of time. god. i really dont like this. you can kiss my num num buns.

3 Garry 05.19.10 at 5:53 am

Hey… those are my burgers and that’s my mate holding them! Cool!

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