Happy Birthday to Me

August 19, 2006 · 4 comments

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So today is my birthday. I just turned a whopping 28 years old.

Last year I spent the weekend in Toronto with my Sister and her BF Suhail.

This year was a little less eventful, but the day is still young.

I woke up this morning (uhhhh – afternoon) when my sister called to wish me a happy birthday and woke me from a crazy dream I was having:
We were in something moving, perhaps a train car or the back of a truck and it was pitch black except for the light on my camera. I was filming these tunnels as we were driving by. The tunnels were endless…100’s of these tubes that we were running perpindicular to. The light on my camera would shine into these tunnels/tubes and there were people inside, who would be angered at the light. The tunnels would span for miles with the length of the track/road and I could only see 100 or so feet of them due to the range of the light I was using. Anyhow when they got angry the people would throw rocks and mud at the camera and light. THe last thing I remember is seeing someone holding a camera and lamp and cleaning mud off of it. The person was older, dirty, with a giant gray beard and wearing a hard hat, getting dirtier as they scooped mud from the camera and light.

If I had to guess the dream is about the countless choices that we each need to make each day, and that we only can see so many of them at a time (light shining on select number of tunnels), and that they are only there for a split second (train moving), and that as time goes on we have less time to do anything, all roads lead to death/darkness. (the camera/light being filled up with mud). I guess based on that you could say there are 1000’s of people who are willing to waste your time, commercials, actors, actresses, friends, lovers etc – marketers Aaron would call them. These could be the many people who were throwing the mud.

Regardless the dream was pretty much ‘tits’ as I like to say.
From there I got a few other birthday calls and then showered and picked my Grandma up and took her to the hospital. Then I went and ran some errand and got things I need for my trip. I went to REI and bought some backpacking gear. Mainly straps to hold my tent and sleeping bag to my backpack.

Going through all the various items that they had made me want to look into things further. I am currently barrowing my sisters internal frame backpack for the trip, but I think when I plan to go in the future I will have to have my own. I am looking forward to traveling with the pack just to see how it goes over. Time will tell!

I still have 4 birthday hrs left today and I was hoping to paint, but I think the couch is calling my name. The other option that is open is to go see ‘snakes on a plane’, but I am thinking the couch may win that battle.

So what did you get me for my birthday and what do you think of that dream?

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1 Webwork 08.20.06 at 12:20 pm

Happy friggin belated 28th birthday Wertrasm. Did the Victoria’s Secret models show up as I had arranged? Happy birthday G. Jeff

2 Mohammed 08.20.06 at 9:31 pm

Wow…I just found your blog randomly and I do have to say that you have an interesting blog. Oh, and happy birthday.

3 alchy 08.22.06 at 10:59 am

Happy bUrfday Werty… it’s mine on the 24th… woooooooo 24 on 24. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

4 Rae 09.02.06 at 7:41 pm

Happy belated b-day dorito bitch.

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