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This was my flight from Chicago O’Hare airport to CDG in Paris, France.  I got to the airport early where I watched a man with the last name PHAT on his suitcase come to the washroom, do his duty and leave without washing his hands….busted phatty.

From here I boarded the plane to a seat that did not recline more than a few inches…no worries…it is only an 8 flight. American Airlines seems to be one of the most broke ass airlines II have ever flown. The plane had to have been around 75 years old, having one screen for the entire economy class…but that was a good thing because they thankfully played Ice Age Two… and I prayed for death. I was able to doze off, but luckily the person behind acted like an alarm clock waking me every 20 minutes or so when they needed to kick my seat. They were older so there is no real excuse for them other than being an asshole.

Honestly the flight was not that bad, and I was able to sleep for at least 4 hrs of the trip and it somehow got to Paris 40 minutes early?

When I got to CDG I saw that the French really did come up with the word clusterfuck. Getting through customs was not really that big of a deal, but getting out of the door there and over to the baggage claim was quite a chore. It probably took about an hr to get my bag and exit that part of the airport. Luckily I did not get pulled into a random bag check that seemed to be causing extra wait times and lines of people out the door.

From here I used the universal picture of a train to find my way to the train station where I was to meet Aaron. Thank god Aaron was trying to charm the pants of a French banker, and I found him only after 30 minutes or so of searching.

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1 aaron wall 10.02.06 at 4:46 pm

If depositing my debit card is a charming move then indeed I am quite the charmer. Besides, the waitress who gave me the prawned dish was probably the cutest girl on the trip, well maybe with the exception of 1 whooping cough, who was polite enough to get us a crazy mute cab driver.

2 werty 10.02.06 at 7:49 pm

I think the whooping cough girl was probably the cutest… plus one of the more friendly on the trip. pr4wner was also good, but we may have just been happy to see a cute girl speak english since that was or first night in Amsterdam? You forgot to add SAM to the list. Also the taller of the grind sisters was one of my favs.

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