Weak Ass Spam Mail or Carefully Crafted Marketing Piece?

October 17, 2006 · 0 comments

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I got a kick out of this email. I signed up for health insurance when I moved back to the wonderful US of A 6 months ago. Oddly enough I have never been to the doctor or anything along those lines since I returned, so I was thinking it would be something about how to actually get what you are paying for out of the shitty insurance that I bought…to my suprise is it was an email trying to upsell me on 2 services that I could purchase through eHealthInsurance.com and actually had nothing to do with my BlueCross BlueShield policy I signed up with. Sneaky little pricks.

Now I do not think this is a bad company and I would recommend them and will use them again when I buy business health insurance, but this email is just unnecessary and a pretty transparent attempt at an upsell.

My favorite part is that they mention nobody can beat our prices, yet these assfucks do not even sell anything. They sell my lead/information to whatever company I decide to go with and that company seals the deal giving a kickback to eHealthInsurance. Any price they are quoting me on I could get directly through the company…that is if they sell directly, usually you have to go with some asshole insurance salesman if you want an insurance policy.

Anyhow enjoy the email, and Mr Robert Fahlman if you happen to find this, kindly go fuck yourself.

Title: Let us help you make the most of your BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois benefits (tracking code)

Dear George,

Greetings from eHealthInsurance, your dedicated health insurance agent! It’s been six months since you purchased your BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois health insurance plan. We’re writing today to make sure that you’re getting the support and service you need. eHealthInsurance is your advocate with the insurance company!

Have any questions or concerns about your experiences with BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois? Are you getting the assistance and service you need? Are you pleased with how your claims have been processed? Remember, as your agent, we can work with the insurance company on your behalf. Contact us today through the phone number below. We’re here to help!

Look to eHealthInsurance for your other insurance needs too!

Take a few minutes today to consider the other terrific insurance options available through eHealthInsurance: Dental Insurance
Discover the key to affordable oral healthcare! You’ll love the great selection of individual and family Dental insurance solutions we offer at eHealthInsurance.

  • Quality coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental services
  • Short, simple online applications
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Term Life Insurance
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Don’t delay! Come explore these terrific insurance options at eHealthInsurance today!

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At eHealthInsurance, we have over 100 licensed health insurance agents and knowledgeable representatives ready to assist you. Give us a call at 800-977-8860 and choose option 3. We’re available M-F, from 6am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Robert Fahlman

Senior Vice President, Customer Care

eHealthInsurance Services, Inc.

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