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December 16, 2006 · 5 comments

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When a B list blogger tags a D list blogger does that bring them up to the C list? Just kidding Awall

So there is a game of tag that is going around the “seo blog” network and I was tagged on it. The path went like this:

Jeff > Dave > Avinash > Andy Beal > Shoemoney > SEO BOOK – Unique anchor text SEO information > THE TROSE

Now in order to participate in this I need to give 5 facts about myself:

1. I am the last Male in my bloodline. This means at some point I need to start working it like Johnny Appleseed
2. I actually went to college for welding at a point in my life and am an amazing welder. Preferring the control of TIG (tungsten inert gas), to MIG, Stick, or Oxy Acetylene.
3. Although I am supposedly a “kick ass PPC guy”, art is one of my passions and I am told I should paint (art not houses) for a living.
4. The rumor floating around is that my middle name is Wertrose, it is actually STANTON.
5. I am actually the THIRD George Kepnick. Gramps > Pops > Trose. If a woman ever gives birth to a “trose original” I do not know if I am passing the name.

Here is where I link to 5 people I would like to know more about:

1. Caveman – I <3 Caveman 2. Darren Dalasta - Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog 3. Phil – Fix you www. issue and that was swwet domain kiting writeup
4. Caishnah – Learn to drive*, come to the US, ROAD TRIP. (*optional)
5. SEO Loser. Enjoy the sweet 1.3 referrals a day you will get from this site. And say hello at the next conference.

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1 Caishnah 12.22.06 at 6:31 am

1. I got a letter this morning saying I have been scheduled for surgery on Jan 4th and am utterly convinced I will die during it or contract one of those flesh-eating superbugs.
2. I am tempted to start a blogspot journal as, let’s face it, all the cool kids have one and the livejournal which I’ve had for about 6 years now is getting dull.
3. For the past few months I have been getting majorly clucky. The biological clock is ticking loud and strong. The tomboy wants babies.
4. I have ridiculously bad circulation in my hands and feet so they are always really cold but normally can’t sleep because I’m too hot. Sorry, I mean hawt. 😉
5. I probably spend the same amount of money on music/shows as I do food.

I hope that will do my friend. Roadtrip a go-go but you can do the driving as I STILL haven’t taken lessons.

2 Caishnah 12.22.06 at 6:32 am

Oh and My No 3 is in no way related to your No 1!!

3 Werty 12.22.06 at 7:08 am

1.What is your surgery for?

2.Just get cheap webhosting and your own domain, dont use blogspot!!

3. !

4. Do you exercise? You need to get the blood flowing to those parts some how.

5. That is pretty awesome. How many shows a month do you go to?

I hate to drive!! hahaha. This will be the best roadtrip ever.

4 Caishnah 12.22.06 at 7:45 am

1. laparoscopy. Just a small procedure but I’m terrified of hospital and they are always in the news over here cos of killer bacteria. What can I say – I’m a pessimist with an active imagination!
2. I have both those things already.
3. !!?
4. Not nearly as much as I should.
5. Not if you remember how bad my diet is. Hehe. I dunno, quite a lot and tickets aren’t cheap, esp will all that admin surcharge bullshit.

I’m ace at map reading though. That’s gotta be a bonus.

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