Time to Rant.

December 1, 2006 · 7 comments

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There has been lots of crazy stuff floating around my head lately, things that are hard to get around, and figure out why they bug me so much. Today I was let off the hook of large scale worrying to RANT about some smaller easier to point the finger at problems. Here are some new complaints:

Mother Nature: You filthy whore, how dare you drop frozen rain on me for a night and then follow up with 5 inches of dense snow.
FedEx: I guess they cut costs by hiring pilots that cannot stay on a runway.
AirCanada: You dare offer the trose a free flight voucher if I move my flight to a later time then, tell me later that I can no longer get to my destination anyway.

So yeah… I was supposed to go to Canada for a nice weekend of drinking and causing trouble, but Chicago got shit on by a beast of a storm. Flights were delayed, runways were closed, but my flight was still scheduled to leave. Then I check and find out it was cancelled. Then my Mom calls me and tells me about the fedex plane that slid off the runway. Word must have spread that I am no longer going to Canada because it cleary affected the US to Canadian exchange rate:


I had a nice talk with Rae while she waited at her airport and I realize how good I have things. I do not really have any hard pressed issues, I run my own company, make my own hours, barely work and yet can travel for the soul purpose of getting sauced with friends. Often times I neglect how easy I have it in this world. I do not require too much to get by and get way more than I deserve and do far less with my opportunities than I deserve. I make lots of plans and rarely complete them. Why is that?

I bought a xbox360 and that has occupied my time for the last week. Time to cut back on that… I was at addict status. Here is a link to my “xbox 360 blog”. Some smart company built a scraper to scrape my xbox stats and throw adsense on it. A fucking brilliant idea. If anyone who reads this has a 360, add wertrose as a friend.

Some other positive news:
Weight loss and gym are still going well. I weighed myself today and am 2lbs shy of the first goal. Breaking 2 large… so if I am a good boy this weekend I should do that by the end of next week.
November was the best earning month that DottedOnline has had. It was huge, and we even won a nice prize for being one of the top affiliates for a certain program.

Anyhow I am going to try and get some work done today and try to make the most of this weekend, and try and live in creative mode for a bit. TRY TRY TRY

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1 Bentley007 12.01.06 at 5:15 pm

Another sweet post, dude. Inspiring stuff! Sorry to hear your flight was canceled… I was looking forward to partying with the good Dr. Wertrose 😛

2 your_store 12.02.06 at 11:09 am

Damn sorry to jinx your trip. I promise I was referring to the snow in Canada not Chicago.

BTW, you should definitely try out my diet. It’s called the startup diet, and consists of working 14 hours , drinking 128 ounces of Pepsi, and eating enough candy to kill a horse each and every day. Don’t go taking weekends off or it will ruin the effect.

3 Jeff Libert 12.04.06 at 1:57 pm

I can’t tell Was that a “count my blessings” post or what that a “bitch, bitch, bitch” post? I’m so confused. Should I care? I mean, this guy Werty? He don’t work, he travels just to drink with friends, . . . On second thought I’m frickin jealous . . so stop your bitchin’. It IS a good life. ;-P

4 Werty 12.04.06 at 4:11 pm

Jeff, it was kind of a mix. It started as a rant, but as I was writing I realized I should be less upset about things that out of my hands and just be happy with the excessive ammount of good fortune I have recieved as of late.

BTW, I know you are jealous (c:

I am jealous of your 1000 single word domains…

Anyhow I am happy to see you posting/reading this fine site (c:

Jordan, I will sick Rae on your ass for jinxing the trip. I should have placed some blame on the damn Russians for the weather control satellites. Hows about some sunshine, you filthy reds?

5 greg 12.04.06 at 5:47 pm

just as well you missed going, i hear that the canadian border patrol is still on the lookout for you after that last drinking trip 🙂

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