High GoDaddy Employee Voicemail

January 8, 2007 · 2 comments

in WTF?

I mentioned in a previous post about how shitty Vonage is… they do have one sweet feature which is emailed voicemail messages which allowed me to post this sweet dude from GoDaddy.

I got a call the other day at about 9:30 am which was way to early for me to deal with some lame ass Godaddy employee trying to sell me domain renewals. Seriously they call you pretty much 3 days after you let any of your old domains expire… if they had customer service they may call a few days in advance of an expiration to prevent you from losing the domain.

“Hey this message is for George, this is Sammy calling from Godaddy.com… calling from the ????….”

He goes on until for 28 seconds, then goes “it can be done”. There is awkward silence for the next 20 seconds with some coughing in the background and then some other noise and ends with a “huh huh I’m Still”.

I have never used drugs, but I would imagine I would sound like that if I did.

Click here to listen to a Wav file of a GoDaddy Employee who may be on the weed.

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1 person that called 07.30.07 at 10:25 pm

hey i callyd you and i was stoned as fuck when i called you

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