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May 10, 2007 · 7 comments

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Att has to have one of the least user friendly websites I have ever been to. Today I try and log and see my new bill that these idiots just emailed me and the flipping site was down for “upgrades”. No where did it tell me this, it just kept logging me out. I tried various browsers and tried navigating up the file structure to see if I could login elsewhere. After a few minutes I had enough and decided to tell them their web site sucks and supplied the following email:

Your web site is absolutely terrible. I attempted to login to my account a few times this morning and had no luck. all you supplied me was a cryptic message about how I was logged out. I navigated up a few levels because I thought it may have been a redirect issue. It was not. I found out you were doing site maintenance.

This is not the first time I have been disappointed with the low quality website. On a prior visit I attempted to upgrade my phone calling plan, to a plan ONLY available online. Well this failed so I was forced to call. After much investigation and finding out your customer service reps could not upgrade this online special I was forced to try again later when my BALANCE was zero. I use your automatic billing, so I should be able to upgrade at any time. The way your system is now, I am forced to upgrade within the first few days of the month. Another annoying feature and another barrier in getting me to spend more money with you.

Hire a usability specialist.

I had to cut my message short because they only allow 755 characters or something. It has to be one of the worst websites I have ever used.

The story I tried to tell them was when I attempted to upgrade my service plan to something better to cover unlimited calls within the US. Weird error on the website (755 I think). After 30 minutes or so on the phone dealing with various customer support agents and different parts of the company I got my answer that pretty much told me I could only upgrade my account online when my balance is zero. I asked if I could pay it off on the phone with a CC and if they could upgrade me then. They said I could pay, but it would take 2-3 days to process, and that I could not do internet specials online…

I get monthly billing, and I have it so it automatically pays my account. I think the time span of when my balance is zero is from like the 4th of the month through the 7th. A 3 day window where I can actually use their web interface to change around my account. It is terrible.

Anyhow fuck you AT&T. Hurry the fuck up and get a decent speed DSL line to my house so I can cancel my overpriced ComCast cable modem.

Oh fuck…hahaha to make matters worse I just tried to submit their form and got this:

The phone number you entered was not found. Please re-enter the phone number you are trying to contact us about so that we can better assist you.

Get a clue ATT

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1 aaron wall 05.24.07 at 1:52 am

Do you think monopolies actually care about your whiney ass? Learn how to properly complain douchebag.

2 Inaina 12.29.07 at 6:58 pm

How exactly do you properly complain with evil global corporations looking to pillage and rape the people? If you have any better ideas, I’d love to hear them!

3 values man 01.21.08 at 7:19 pm

AT&T sucks more now than ever. Sucks more now for the employees and retirees. There is no loyalty for the employees. If the employees have no loyalty just imagine how that dribbles down on the customers. And the blog yes, at&tsucks wast already taken.

4 ATT in Tahoe 02.08.08 at 6:16 pm

I have spent a month trying to setup my ATT land line for DSL internet. The only reason I got a land line is because they could not get my pre-existing tether internet hooked back up on my new computer. After wasting hours and days on tech support, ATT said its my computer,(the typical response when they cant fix, its your fault). Only solution to get me internet was the land line. This has now taken almost 2 weeks and still does not work. As well they attached my new to my existing yahoo email account, and totally screwed that up! Now att and my yahoo dont recognized pw and login I have used for the last 8 years. I had to have them cancel my never working dsl line to fix my yahoo address. This is still my on going problem as of this morning Fed. 8, 2008. I have told att if is is not fixed tonight by 6pm I will cancel all services and expect full refund of charges and a credit for my loss of money because of their obvious inefficiency’s. Why do they offer services that dont work! and cant seem to fix. We all pay way to much for this huge corporate company not to have its shit together. As well I did not choose ATT, I was a Cingular customer, I never had problems with them. As soon as it became ATT went to shit! So anyway I agree with FUCK YOU ATT!

5 Brian Knauss 02.21.08 at 4:44 pm

I recently had a client in Chicago complaining of the internet dropping, knowing that AT&T would try to push this off as a internal issue, I ran virus & spyware scans. I updated all MS progs and updated the firmware on my firewall. After 2 weeeks of contacting AT&T support they finnaly admited to a problem w/ the line or their router. Their support suggested I change their router to a bridge and authenticate w/ my firewall. I acomplished this which did not resolve. They told me they would send a tech out before 5:00. At 4:30 I got a call from the tech saying he may not make it and he needed a user name and password for AT&T. I told him to call my client to arange his arrival time and he did not need a password as he would be seting up the router as a bridge. He became irate that I was telling him how to do his job. At 6:15 I recived a call from my client that he never recieved a call. After calling back AT&T and waiting on hold for 1 hr, I spoke w/ a rep who assured me he would call the client and would add notes to not change any passwords and to set bridge mode. 9:30 the next day, still no call or show from AT&T. At 10:30 the tech arrived on site telling me he had installed the router and needed me to change the password on my firewall!!!! I walked my client through this and then had to reexplain to the AT&T tech that the reason the internet was down was that he had not set the router into bridge mode. After explaining again to him how to make these changes my internet came back up. however 2 hours later the internet drops began again! I called AT&T to vent and setup another visit. Here we go again. I service over 50 businnesses in the Chicago and NW IL area and am going to switch every one of my clients off of this horrible service.

6 Andrew 03.02.08 at 8:51 am

I called AT&T a while back because my internet connection was not as fast as I’d contracted for. It turns out that even though I contracted for the highest speed they advertised, someone at AT&T had bumped me down to a lower, cheaper speed! If you have AT&T, check your bill!!!

Has AT&T done this to you?

7 rob 10.28.08 at 12:05 am

AT&T among others has paid attorneys to word their service contracts so that they are not liable for thier service..which in my opinion breaks the law as we are protected by consumer laws. they set out to intentionally NOT provide the service they claim. The courts wont work for us unless we raise a massice class action. till then…angry villagers with axes chopping down AT&T lines ought to cause them enough cause to fix something. also, learn how to open your throttle. fuck your isp if they bitch when you take what is rightfully yours. also AT& sill owe me money i paid you for your shit service. each main line i cut will be another 50$ credit i will take off.

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