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June 4, 2007 · 12 comments

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This post is due to a few things that recently have happened in my life.

1. I won an amazing camera from one of the companies I work with. It is a Nikon d80, digital slr camera. It is pretty much TITS

2. I am planning to sell a shit load of small items on ebay, including straight razors, pocket knives, antique fishing lures, and old lighters.

3. I recently purchased a light tent so I can take better looking pictures of these small items.

4. I collect weird toys.

So you add those all up, and take a few test shots, and you get a free desktop background for my sweet readers:


Added a 1280×1024 proper ratio desktop:


Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests of any objects that you know I own, let me know and it can be yours.


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1 mikey 06.04.07 at 1:11 pm

Ben Franklin needs to make an appearance, i think.

2 Dan 06.04.07 at 1:59 pm

Got any toys by KAWS or collabs with futura? if so….hook me up a background or 2

3 Werty 06.04.07 at 2:26 pm

Dan, what would some of those be? I am not sure if I have any or not.

I have the smoking rabbits (dunny i think), smoking ice cream, dave kinsey figures, and some others.

4 Jeffc 06.04.07 at 4:10 pm

As you know, I like anything with rabbits in it…so…

Why straight razors?

5 Dan 06.04.07 at 11:25 pm

Both are long standing graff artists that do alot of collab with the japanese toy companies for tht collector vinyl stuff. Kaws stuff always has X’s for eyes.

and futura2000 is known for his pointy headed aliens a la or
pretty cool stuff.

6 Anthony 06.04.07 at 11:34 pm

And I have a new desktop background.

Thank you for that, as I like to change it often but my laptop does not run CS well enough for me to make my own.

7 Anthony 06.04.07 at 11:52 pm

Looks great. Thank you.

8 Werty 06.05.07 at 12:08 am

Jeff, the straight razors are my grandfathers. Actually all of the items are. I am in charge of auctions…

9 Werty 06.05.07 at 12:08 am

Anthony, the desktop looked a bit stretched…let me know what size you need and I will make it the right size…wait until you see the next batch.

10 Jeffc 06.06.07 at 10:33 am

Grandpa’s Razors, got it. Do you auction them on cutter’s sites? ;0

11 joni 01.08.08 at 7:58 pm

you fixed my frozen IPOD after hrs of frustration!!thank you, thank you, thankyou!!!

12 Darren 03.16.12 at 7:30 pm

Hey man…
That little toy dude is class…
What is the name of it? I want to get my hand on him!
Are there any more simular? I am a DJ and want to use him to front my record releases! get in touch 🙂

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