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December 11, 2007 · 5 comments

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2007 was Heaven, 2008 Shall be Great.

So it has been quite a while since I last updated this thing.. I have been ridiculously busy as of late… here is some updating:

I got back from the trip to Asia on October 25th. It was a life changing trip. I got to experience things that others only dream of, and met some of the friendliest people imaginable. Todd and I were lucky enough to have had help in pretty much every country we went to. We met a guy named Anton who pretty much saved our asses in the Philippines. Anton runs a furniture company, a restaurant, and just so happens to help run an Asian Search Marketing conference called SemCon, which Todd and Aaron spoke at. If all of Antons help was not enough, he and his business partners Norelyn and Marc sent us off in Barongs, which is the male formal wear shirt. So nice.

In addition to Anton we met Happy and Viva who showed us some of Manila and their store which sells “Fashion Art”… called FART. No joke. They were awesome.

We then went to Hong Kong where we met up with my friend David who pretty much toured us through the entire city in a 36 hour period. It was great and we got to see things that few travelers or tourists would be able to.

In China we were pretty much fucked, we did not speak the language, nor did we really know what we should see or do outside of the Great Wall. Luckily, Aaron put a 2 nerds in crisis post on and a few people wanted to meet us. We contacted Reshma who was of great help. She hooked us up with a guide book (for expats) and even a cell phone. We were then able to get to recommended restaurants, tourist attractions and even custom made suits. Later we met another helpful man names Jerry, and we got to see even more of Beijing. It was great.

Once we got to Japan we thought we would be okay with pretty much English and a guide book as our main info sources, and it worked out pretty well. We met up with some thugs we knew from NY and rolled hard. It was awesome. A few days later we went to Kyoto and I met up with this sweet dude Bill, who I just happen to co-moderate a forum with. I had no idea what to expect, but it turns out he was an expat from the US and one of the sweetest dudes I have had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with. Bill showed some of the temples, and guided us to many of the best meals I have ever eaten. It was terrific.

The trip was amazing and when I got home, somehow my body did not like the changes or I picked up a bug… either way I got sick as fuck. We got in on a Thursday, pretty much slept 2 days, and then the sickness hit. Cough, fever, felt like shit. I usually have a low body temp, like 97 and I had a 102 fever. I was owned. Doctors were closed on the weekend, and I was good to go by Monday. Back to biz as normal, started to catch up at work, paperwork, and anything else I put off for a month, went out one weekend and it came back. I attempted to make doctor appointments and kept getting the we can see you in 3 weeks…and I was like “I am sick now you assfuck”… finally was referred to like a quick care thing, got a sweet script for some Zpack, and a few days later I was feeling back to normal (ish) and started getting to work, even buying a fun new domain: (c:

One of the things I got from the trip was my need to live back in the city, so started to look for a place. I started looking and working with an awesome real estate agent, and saw a few places I liked a lot and playing on the mortgage calculator. Then I saw one I loved. Yada Yada yada…. I am closing on a loft sometime in January. I was on the phone this morning with my real estate agent, a lawyer, the home inspector and a fucking mortgage broker. Now I am on a plane flying to Pubcon Vegas…. When I get home I am back for a week, need to meet with my accountant, for end of year business related things, go to the housing inspection, get any paperwork to the mortgage brokers, see family and do xmas stuff, get work in order and then prepare for a 2.5 week trip to Dublin, Rome and Florence.

My life is a bit chaotic right now, but it is far from sucking. 100% happy, 25% stressed out.

If my communication with you has been sketchy the above would be why. Happy Holidays and see ya next year. I am guessing after the move I should be back to “normal” in around March. I also should have a spare sleeping area for 2, so come and visit me in Chicago (c:

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1 darren 12.12.07 at 1:32 pm

congrats on the loft! we’ll be back to visit this spring/summer. might book a room at your hostel

2 Rae 12.13.07 at 4:58 am

>>>Now I am on a plane flying to Pubcon Vegas

that sentence should have ended with “to see Rae, who I’ve missed so much”. You’re dead to me trose.

3 Caishnah 12.13.07 at 5:49 am

About time you bloody updated. May well have to check out this new abode of yours in 2008. Perhaps the fates will line up a Dublin meet before then? Who knows!

4 Mikey 12.13.07 at 11:25 am

I can’t wait to see george, again. I haven’t seen that jerk for awhile.

5 Tamris 12.20.07 at 2:00 pm

Hey there! I’ve no idea who you are but I found your site on Google while bored in the lab and with nothing else to do, so here am leaving you an inspiring, optimistic message that might somehow accomplish something, other than eat away the minutes until I am allowed to leave.

Merry Yule. 🙂 – Tamris

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