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May 14, 2008 · 2 comments

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I just happen to know some of the TOP DAWGs, or the big cheeses in the SEO Industry, so when I needed to train an employee on link building I figured I would ask them what I should make them read.

These are the results: … just kidding, that was still in my clipboard.

I actually read these before I sent them and wrote the descriptions myself. I have not done link building for a while so it was a really good refresher course for me. Also rereading Bretts 26 steps was a good idea. He was pretty solid on those fundamentals. Much of the shit I have done over the last few years was short lived and destructive… normal high risk/high return stuff. It have been a good few years, but if I was building quality long term sites I would be in a better place today (c:

I would say that and the “link building secrets” stuck with me the most… the part on bukkake in that is brilliant, and enough to get the juices flowing (pun not intended) on new ideas.

Rae Said the Following:

  1. Overview of why links matter (
  2. Overview on how to build a quality site
    ( )
  3. Interview with 5 link “Experts”
  4. Interview with 11 link “Experts”
  5. Raes Link Building presentations from pubcon (
  6. Why cracking down on paid links is stupid/impossible (
  7. More demystifying of the link buying scare (

Aaron Said to check out these:

  1. SEO / Link Building for Bloggers
  2. Link Baiting Strategies
  3. 101 link Building Tips
  4. A big list of “link building secrets” some of these are actually funny. A bunch are creative- (
  5. Overview of Trustrank
  6. Aaron also recommended Raes #3 and #4 from above, so you know those are quality.

Martijn recommended these links:

  1. The fundamentals of Link Building
  2. Why Jim enjoys building links and talks about link building VS baiting

Still waiting to hear back from Todd on this (:

Anyone else have any great resources to teach a person new to the industry link building basics and then on to advanced tactics?

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1 Scott Fasser 06.07.08 at 11:06 am

Link building is such an integral thing. It’s amazing how many clients run a “set it and forget it” mentality wrt SEO. Thanks for the great list.

2 archana 06.19.09 at 4:21 am

link building is the main part of SEO

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