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October 28, 2009 · 1 comment

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I have not update this in a while, and there are quite a few reasons for it, but here is a quick update for anyone who cares.


Business has had its ups and downs, but I am involved in a new project that has taken a ton of my time up. It is finally live, working out some of the remaining kinks but it is finally good to go. This is a giant weight of my back, as I have been stressing out about it for a long time now, and now it is finally done. WOO HOO.

Another thing that has happened with business is that we got a new office in Logan Square, and that has been been pretty good. A nice little walk or ride to work every day, and when I get home I leave 90% of the work at the office.

Finally regarding work, I have worked 2 times now as a bouncer at a local bar. LOL. Tuff GUY!


My social life has seen a similar trend as my work life. It has had quite a big up this year, as I have met a nice lady friend. The downside is I need to better balance a relationship, some friendships AND work. Good luck with that. It will be a work in progress. But yeah, I met a girl and I am really happy with that. Seems like we have been together longer than the 6 months.


This is where I took a big dip. I was working out all the time and becoming a beef cake (not really – but I was working out). Being really busy got me to cut back on working out. Once that happened, it became easier to blow it off completely. Anyhow due to the excessive working, and possibly my new bike, or just being old, I fucked up my wrist. Not sure what it is/was, but I think carpal tunnel/getting old. Long story short (more to follow?) I had to go to the doctor, take massive doses of ibuprofen, and finally got a shot in it. The shot seems to be helping, but I want to make it last.

Today I actually worked out again, and feel it a bit in the wrist, but it may be partially due to being a pussy, and not “hitting it hard” in a while. Tomorrow I need to work out again… and the next day, and the next day. Get back on a schedule of sorts.


I am going to say I am feeling pretty sound. Was bummed out by the wrist, but feeling better since it seems to be working again. The next big drain on me was the work, and that is now an UP. Other than that I had one big hit this year in the family, but we all seemed to handle it pretty well.

That is that… If you read this and I know you, drop me a line.


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1 aaron wall 11.10.09 at 3:27 am

My wrist was in pain about a year ago. Got an Evoluent vertical mouse and the pain simply went away.

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