Pubcon Las Vegas 2006

November 20, 2006 · 3 comments

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I am back from Las Vegas Pubcon and had a blast. It was a great time seeing everyone and I had more fun than I normally do at these events. I think it may have been this way, since it was mostly about pleasure and seeing friends than trying to get any actual work done… don't get me wrong I did do a bit of work while I was there, but most of it was done while hanging and boozing with the pals.

I got to meet various professionals in the industry and did my best cause a bit of trouble. Here is a movie of SeoBook punching "ReviewMe Roy". Good thing Aaron punches like a pussy.

Highlights of the trip were the Yahoo! Party at the Hephner/Playboy Suite at the Palms Hotel. It was crazy. What a nice hotel room/apartment it would be. The view was amazing, as was the furniture and decoration of the place…not to mention a swimming pool that hangs off the side of the fucking building!

I got a pretty bad ass movie that I filmed on the headboard of the rotating bed. I really wonder how many people have done the deed on the bed and what sort of decoration a black light would bring to that suite. Hahahaha. So gross.

I have some pictures posted on Flickr, but there were many pictures that I would be yelled at if I posted… involving various industry professionals swimming in the pool. After this party I wound up on the roof at the Ghost Bar and found myself at a certain bar after that…

Anyhow in the morning I was in rough shape, and had to present at 10:15 AM. I felt worthless, did not feel like anyone understood what I was speaking about, and think I had a pretty flat delivery. All in all, I huff dong when it comes to public speaking.

This is the first time I went to Vegas and did not loose my ass gambling. I ended up losing $75 on blackjack, making $23 on craps, and then one pull of the one arm bandit at the airport and I won $50. I lost $2.00. Luckily for the Las Vegas economy I found a favorite 'titty bar' that accepts AMEX, so I lost my ass that way. Ha

Here are some links to the 2006 Las Vegas Pubcon pictures on

You have any PubCon photos, movies or stories worth sharing with me?

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{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

1 your_store 11.20.06 at 3:20 pm


Now I don't feel quite as bad for not making it ;)

ps.. damn your referrer checker.

2 Werty 11.20.06 at 5:56 pm

Wheel of fortune is how I struck sweet gold at the airport. $40 in, $90 out on the first pull. She was my lady.

Damn your for blocking referrals and for not showing in Vegas!

3 staceygab 12.08.06 at 11:13 pm

Now I don't feel so bad for losing mt $35 – ;)

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