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August 14, 2002 · 0 comments

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so lets see. i havent been writing much lately.

i got back from Portland a good week ago.

that vacation really tired me out. i really did enjoy myself on the trip though.

the first part of the trip Marisa and i drove 1300 miles non stop. well other then to get gas and to use the bathroom.

we brought all our own food and only bought caffeinated drink such as red bull and mountain dew.

marisa took the first shift. she went liek 525 miles or something before i took over. i started driving in Minnesota somewhere.

sturgis was starting the same weekend we left so there were 1000’s of bikers on the roads. it was pretty interesting riding with all of them.

the first major stop we had was wall drug in south Dakota. here i bought some postcards and some terrible gifts. puttzo (marisas dog) damn near killed a biker. the bikers name was bad Larry. he had a theme song:

he is bad. bad larry.
killed his dad. bad larry
never been glad. bad larry.
bad bad. bad larry.
you get the idea

there was a many a song for the road.

i drove until it got dark that night and marisa took over in montana. the roads were windy and it was dark. then it started to rain. well actually i would call it a storm. you couldn’t see the lanes and we didn’t want to die so we stopped for night at a rest stop.

we slept in the front seats of the car. we slept a good 8 hours. of course we needed our special bed time sleep meds.

we woke and marisa took the first shift. i slept more in the car.

i only drove a few hundred miles this day and marisa did the rest. she really likes to drive. her car handled like a dream. it is like a 2 year old jetta. with a v-6. it didnt slow down at all going up the mountains. and you could hit the gas and pass a truck going 80 up a steep hill. it was great.

we got to salem, oregon at about 9pm on sunday night. we left chicago at 9:30 on friday.
over 2300 miles in under 48 hours. kinda crazy.

the next day we went up to portland and hung for a bit. i bought something sweet there. if you are a friend you will get to see it. if not oh well.

then we went back to salem for diner and to pick some kids up. back off to portland for the modest mouse show. i went and hung out with this guy, breck. he was super nice and let me hang since the show was sold out and had nothing to do at all in this town.

he told me about his brewery idea and a few others. one for a movie. super nice guy.

well then it was back to salem. the next day we ate breakfast and headed too the beach. we spent the entire day there and my cracker arse didnt even get sun burnt. it was grand. i loved the beach. i loved the mountains. i loved the clean air.

we returned to salem and crashed out. the next day i had to leave.

airports shmairports. i must have looked more liek a terrorist than the other people. since they checked me crazy style. i didnt bring any blades or anything wacky on the plane.

one of my gifts managed to get broken though. thank you frontier airlines.

my sis picked me up at the airport. i came home. dropped the bomb. unpacked. ate. and went to bed. i had to work the next 2 days and had lots of catching up to do. wooo.

that was my portland adventure. i will post some digital pictures shortly of it. some sweet sweet pictures.

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