First Week of School Is Over

August 30, 2002 · 0 comments

in Work

so my first week of school is over.

once i get a locker that will make my commute there about 10 times easier.

i only worked monday this week. and then nothing since.

i called lori today and she said to come in on tuesday. and i think i can work the rest of next week. which will be good enough to pay for part of my bills. also i should be getting my security deposit check in the mail sometime in september.

i left this on the screen as james and i cleaned/straightened the basement. it is far from finished, but at least it has been improved. we still need for jonathan(the dude that lived here before us) to get his shit out.

there is plenty of his belonging that i would liek to call dibs on: his records, a drafting table, a big azz tripod.

word. i dont know what the plan is for tonight. maybe do some homework. watch a movie. eat. chill. draw. paint. who knows for sure.

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