First Day of Class – UIC

August 26, 2002 · 0 comments

in Work

so i had class today. it went really well. i think industrial design will be a great major, as well as a great class to take. i think will do great in the field. there are plenty of aspects to it. enough to keep me interested. then there is the prototype building which is f’n awesome.

i cant wait till the second half of classes. we actually get to build stuff.

after classes i hung out with this girl, paige, that i met at orientation. we watched tv and went to reckless. then andy and his friend jay came over.

tomorrow i have sculpture and drawing. i fear my drawing class. looking foward to sculpture. i can go there and weld. and weld i will. watch yourself.

also i guess the art labs are 24/7 if you have access on your card(c: which i shall attempt. this means weekend hermit fun in the school lab welding at 4am. wooo

i get to sleep in tomorrow since work was so slow. i dont mind.

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