Just Turned 24 – Saw Friends, Made Sushi

August 19, 2002 · 0 comments

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so the whole weekend was a bust. i feel like hell. it is sunday night, i am now 24. and not a thing has changed. whoopde do.

anyhow saturday was hell because i had to shoot this fucking movie with butch. i think some of it went really well. other parts may have been complete crap. i guess we will see soon enough.

i dont know how i felt about my acting in it. i wasnt really in the mood to film the thing.

friday i went to a party with friends from my past. it was very interesting. it was great to see jarrett. i havent hung with him in a long time. chris and rob met us at a party. i would have rather just hung out…but whatever.

krissy and i made sushi for dinner. i had miso and rice duty. the miso was good. i should have chopped the wakame(seaweed) up before i hydrated it, or before i put it in the soup. it was f’n good thouigh.

the rice came out super sticky and very flavorful.

i made the egg omlete as well.

krissy chopped the veggies and did the rolling.

it was really really good.

then we watched this movie called the pledge. it was very very interesting. sean penn directed it. pretty fucked up. reminded me of david lynch type of a film.

my stomach was wacky the whole weekend. i feel way better today though.

it may have been the healing powers of sushi.

ugh. i dread going to bed tonight.

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