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August 15, 2002 · 0 comments

in Rants

so i come home. james is in his room. suzie comes out of there. we talk. i got my financial aid shit in the mail. i need to go to uic tomorrow i think

man. butch came over today and we viewed MOWER. i will put a copy up once it is completed. i cant wait. it is pretty good so far. just wait till the split screens go in. genius. james cardis is JACK MOWER

the weather is shit here. so f’n gross.

i cant wait to leave again. hopefully near the winter if all goes as planned

school is right around the corner…i kinda cant wait to start. get me back into doing some art and what not again

this weekend i get to see my old friends again. it has been a hella long time. it should be interesting to say the least.

i think it will be good.

i have been stretching and doing some yoga close to daily now. it feels good. i like to at least stretch before bed.

my sis get homes tonight. at least i think so? she didnt call or anything. i think she is pissed.

im gonna email her and hit the sack.


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