We met in a drunken blackout.

September 16, 2002 · 0 comments

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Dear lord. I had so much homework this weekend. It was terrible. I went out and drank a little on friday. Saturday i worked on my industrial design perspective drawings. I was supposed to go shopping for my sculpture class but that was postponed until today(sun) because people are chumps. After working on homework i went out with my sister and nicole. we went to club foot at about 1:30. it wasnt really bad this time at all. rather enjoyable. Then we went to a late night bar. we decided to try nick beer garden. The bouncer was a total choad. He wasnt letting people in until 10 people left or something…so we wait in line. Meanwhile he lets people he knows in. Then other assholes kinda cut infront of us. We had a group of about 10 though. Then we went to maries(??) riptide lounge. again there was a wait. we got in though. i ended up drinking highlife, the champagne of beers. so bad. I ran into this gal, mckenzie(sp??) who is in 2 of my classes. this made me feel nice becuase i thought all of my classmates were about 18/19. I still feel like an old man though…such is life.

My sister let me barrow her car and I went up to american science and surplus. I bought many odd things. A bunch of parts to make/enhance a noise guitar. I also purchased motors and transformers for my sculpture. I still need to get little trees, spray paint, and mterials to build the helmet. Then I must work on the soundtrack for it… i would say about 10 hours of work left including shopping. The cool thing about the “mini-mall” the american science and surplus store is in is that there is also a dollar store and a radio shack. Perfect place for a nerd or sculpture student. I bougt 600 mini army men for my project. it will take forever to glue them, i think it will be worth it. I also got lots of batteries and some security envelopes.

My sister and her friend nicole cooked dinner tonight.

I dont want to work tomorrow, or go to school. I would like a day of rest. I am looking foward to reading The electric kool-aid acid test on the el though. Next weekend I will be visiting my grandparents to go paint their fence/wash the walls…other chores. My mom will be there. This should be interesting.

Oh the evil wench who “stole my bike” from ebay emailed me today. I am so going to pick “miss sally” up sometime this month. i want that junker so bad. i cant wait to cruise in style. 5 dollar bike. i think it is a 3 speed, but i am not sure. all i know it is blue, has a big ass comfy looking seat and fenders. it is perfect. I wish it had a chain guard so i dont destroy another pair of jeans.

I noticed i write like a complete fool. the previous entries are terrible. this one isnt very great but i am at least using actual words and phrases.

Oh well. it is now bed time.

ps: minor threat is playing. i loaded 7 cds into my cd player for the intense homework sessions this weekend. the minor threat discography being one of them. i havent listened to the whole albumn in a while. not since back in the day.

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