meltdown approaching

September 18, 2002 · 0 comments

in Rants

so i am super stressed today. actually this last week. school has been driving me mad, as has work.

i am at an allright pace at school. drawing i have nothing due at this point. industrial design i have about 20 drawingsa that i need to do. they shoudl go much faster this time. and they dont need to be perfect…i just need to work faster and how to understand the usage of minimal lines and proper shading…also initial perspective setting up.

it is hard because i am learning how to do “tech” style drawings in industrial design and learning weird technique for my drawing class. i can see the points to both…my hands and my brain are having a hard time adjusting though. what it comes down to is practice. the way i see it i need to practice drawing for a good 12 hours a day… and maybe by the end i will actualy be able to do it. )c: actually i already have noticed speed and accuracy increasing in the industrial design perspective style.

i honestly have no clue about shading. i remember learning that in 6th grade. it was the only time i ever have done any drawing. they shoudl make it a requirement in highschool. or any art related major in college.

in sculpture class i need to finish glueing my army men down. then i need to purchase some good to make the face mask. i am thinking leather, or leather like substance over a wood frame. slightly padded.

i have some leopard print fabric in the basement which i can use. i also wanted to get mini trees…we will see i guess. then i need to go to the burbs and purchase spray paint. i cant believe they dont sell it in the city…such bastards…i shoudl stock up and deal it down here.

my brain has officially become mush.

work has been hell. it is so weird. the are so nice to me this year. and they invite me to their meetings, on thier cruises, and the company breakfasts….so good. but they stick me with lots and lots of work. it is odd becuase alot of people come to me and bark orders directly at me now. i dunno. i need to have a talk with one of the bigger bosses there. hopefully something will come of it. i wish i was not at school. or not at work. that way i could focus on one or the other. splitting the 2 is driving me mad.

tonight i got home at about 8 (12 hour day). i had lunch while working. and a 10 minute break in my drawing class. that was it.

then i came home checked email. did some yoga. made garlic bread(my sis made pasta). ate. then i drew for a good 1.5 hours or so.

this weekend will also be hell. i am supposed to get my bike from the bitch from ebay. stab. the week i wanted to get it she blew me off. i cut her. or would like to.

well then this sis and i are meeting my mom at my grandparents house. i will be painting a fence, washing walls and cleaning their basement. so good. so bad. also i have to actually paint my sculpture. record the audio for it…test it. patent it. etc. booo.

ugh. the clocks strikes twelve in 2 minutes and i must brush the ol teeth. i may as well pop a tylonel PM. i had to last night. that and smoke myself silly. stress stinks. arid works

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