I lost my MCA Virginity and fell in love.

October 22, 2002 · 1 comment

in Art

so shit. blast from the past week.

lets see. monday i found 20 dollars on the el platform. i think it was good karma slapping me in the ass after donating to npr this week. either that or sponsoring josh at the peaches show.

i dunno. i will take it though. damn right.

so my hand is doing allright.

school is so so. dread going to 2/3 of my classes.

today i had sculpture class. we went to the mca. the museum of contemporary art. it was the first time i have ever been there. there was an amazing painting by francios bacon. the other things i really liked was this snoman stories. it was pretyt fucking great. i giant snowman telling stories in a room with 2 couches, a tv and a grandfather clock. there were chinese men sleeping one one of the couches.

gillian wearing had an exhibit. there were some interesting things in there. my favorite was drunk, followed by trauma. drunk was a like 5-7 “street drinkers”. i guess like people who were drunk all the time when they were on the streets. anyhow she has them come into her studio and drink. she video tapes them and projects them onto 3 screens.

there was some interesting things going on. the few parts that got to me were when the crowd would laugh at one of these drunks. sure it may have been funny, but those are some seriously sick people up there. i dunno. the other was when one guy would pick on another, and then he picked on another. the first guy being picked on did nothing about it. the second tried and then was slightly beaten up.

later a girl and a guy are sitting there and the guy does something to the girl which gets her to kick him. it was good to see her fight back. she would have lit the guy up if it came down to it.

trauma was really creepy. it was people wearing masks and confessing there most traumatic childhood experience. it was really disturbing. the masks remind me of the heads in the movie The Wall. no expression. creepy.

there was the protest for falun gong going on across the street. it was interesting. there were news vans and what not all over. there were police, police on horses, barracades and such. i got 2 disks on falun gong and a flyer. sounds pretty interesting. rumor has it, it’s a cult

i talked to stu tonight. it has been a while. hopefully we can hang in the next week or so. also lisa krause called me and that was nice chatting with her. also my mom called. checking in on the finger. i guess i shoudl quit being so pissed at her. i dunno. i am a loon.

well i am gonna do some sweet yoga and then hit the sack.

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1 lisa krause 03.26.06 at 6:45 am

do I know you?

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