I am not dead!

October 20, 2002 · 0 comments

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so my hand is looking way better. i had some blood tests done. i still need to call and get the results.

friday night i worked as a security guard at the peaches show. it was pretty interesting. i got asked back to do it again. so i will.

sat. night i got to go to the peaches show again. the rest of the bands were pretty much the same thing as the night before. peaches was fucking amazing again. so so so good. she did the same moves, but she actually sang, so she gets props for that.

i also fixed marisas computer this weekend. its working pretty nice now.

other then that i really didnt do much. some straighting up, some mild cleaning. i need to organize, well actually file away 3months worth of recipets and paperwork and what not. i should hire a secretary.

i went grocery shopping to whole foods. i bought this amazing salad dressing that this girl i used to work ith swore by. well it is f’n good. i made veggie roll-ups for dinner. they were great. wraps? is that what they are called. you know what i am talking about. yes you do.

so this week i need to finish a sculpture. catch up on sketch models for industrial design, and do one drawing that is semi complex for drawing class. that is due tues. the rest it doesnt really matter. the sooner the better. this info is for my use not for yours.

i am uncertain how many people read this blog. i know i need to finish this page. someday i may. down the road though. school is killing me. work is killing me. my reckless weekends are killing me.

i dunno. i really cant wait to start working on things on my “lifes to do list”. i just need more free time, and less substance abuse on the weekends.

i really want to clean up the basement and put the dark room down there. too bad that basement creeps me out. such an unfriendly vibe down there. something is in the air. it really freaks the mind and the body being down there. something is not right. i dunno what.

well i am now going to go to bed.

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