cellulitis in my finger

October 15, 2002 · 0 comments

in WTF?

so yeah…yesterday i woke up with a sore on my right ring finger, first knuckle. 2 random splinters in my hand.

by the end of the day my entire ring finger was red and sore.
today i woke up and it spread along veins to my wrist.

i went to work and then to sculpture.

after this i turned in my drawing homework and went to the doctor. i didn’t have an appointment but they looked at it and said it was urgent so they saw me.

it turns out it is cellulitis….more like LYMPHANGITIS though

pretty much the infection was spreading from my finger up my arm..i could feel it across my back. you could see the redness following veins in my arm. it is pretty weird.

i need to go back on thursday because if it doesn’t get better i need to get IV antibiotics.

i am not 100% sure how it happened. it may have been from a bug bite. either way i woke up on monday morning with it.

so i am now on antibiotics, for the next 13days. also i have a doctor i can talk to 24 hours a day if symptoms get worse. if they do i have to go to the hospital…fun fun fun.

the only good that came of this is that i didn’t need to go to my drawing class. but shux, i would rather be able to draw then have to worry about dying from a skin infection.

so tonight i guess i will try and catch up by doing some industrial design homework. i figure i am 3 weeks behind. most of the class is further behind then this. no one really knows what we need to do in there. well at least for our individual project. we get weekly assignments, but are supposed to be working in our own time on our final project. i dont think anyone is. what this means is that it will be an ass whooping near the end of the semester for everyone. oh well.

hopefully i will do all my drawing this week. next week start sketch modelling, then after that prototypes and molds. total pain in my arse.

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