The Sculpture That Shocked the World.

November 30, 2002 · 0 comments

in Art

lets see here…. it has been a while. i have been super busy and super tired lately.

i am assuming most of that is due to too much work/schoolwork/staying up late and helping other people with homework….

thanksgiving was interesting/depressing…

thunksgiving is tomorrow and i am cooking a tofurkey.

krissy and i cleaned the apartment today. it looks pretty awesome. i guess james is moving out this weekend or something. no clue.

i went to the sea and cake show tonight. they were pretty great. lots of finger picking. i am glad i got to see them. i looked at a shows list just a few minutes ago. i think i am outgrowing going to shows. out of about 300-400 shows there were maybe 10 i was interested in seeing. and none that i would actually want to pay money to see. interpol and tortoise are playing soon, but it is at the metro and i hate that venue and i dont think i would ever pay to see another band play there.

i had flash taco for dinner tonight…it was pretty shitty. that place sucks. it is like an overpriced taco bell. at some point i will have to find a mexican resturant that is pretty authentic and yummy. lazos gets my vote for its salsa and avacado tostadas…other then that the menu doesnt send me. then you have the place up on sheridan and irving…my old stomping grounds. the veggie burrito there kinda rules. i went there last saturday with McKenzie. we have been hanging out alot lately. it is pretty nice. i think we got an A on our final sculpture, as well as disturbed the entire class. yeah. anyhow there isnt any place around here that has good mexican food. i heard on ashland there is 3 restaurants owned by brothers…and they are supposed to be awesome….i will have to find out from andy which one is the best and hit it up.

other then thunksgiving i dont think i have any plans for tomorrow. i guess i shoudl do laundry and work on my homework. i watched american movie last night and now i need to write a paper on it. fun fun. i also have to do 5 illustrations for my drawing class. i was thinking of doing one and changing the colors of it…i dont know if that would count though….5 illustrations will take many hours….plus i need to find something i want to draw. i was thinking of doing a slef portrait and changing the mood…i guess that would work actually….it would be one complex illustration of my face…then change the colors and the backgrounds….change the mood.i know one would have to be red and i would have horns….another could be yellow and white and i could have a halo above my dome. then i could do one in pink, one in blue, and one in green…i dunno. that sounds like the best idea thus far.

then we have industrial design. i plan on making 2-3 sketch models this weekend and see how they turn out. then on monday i may go and buy my supplies and figure out what the hell else i need to do for this class.

the last things i need to do are organize my portfolio and write a “what is art?” paper. that shouldnt be that bad. plus i get to make a mix cd for my teacher.

at least i wont be waking up hungover tomorrow.

sorry i babbled so much. my head has been a mess this last week.

—update – if you ever are hanging out with me ask me about this sculpture. It was brilliant.

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