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November 21, 2002 · 0 comments

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so lets see here. i was up late again last night. had a guest. no hanky panky. i did get bit however.

i picked my classes. my new schedule will be work 8/8:30/9 until 4:30 m/w/f and school t/th from 9-6:40 sweet sweet fun.
i will be taking photo II, painting I, and intro to time based media or time based arts. something like that.

finals are stressing me out right now. i think 3-4 classes left per each. which is kinda nutty.
i want to see if i can get monday off. in order to finish my industrial design project. or at least grab it by the yarbels and shake. i got a good start on it yesterday but i dunno exactly what the teacher is expecting. the equipment in the lab wasnt really up to doing what i needed done. i wish i was at CODDER to program this thing on a machining center to cut the mold. then i could vacume form it like noones business. oh well.

well i am f’n tired so i am going to go to bed. goodnight.

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