Still planning to rewrite that resume.

November 1, 2002 · 0 comments

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so yeah. i went to my room and did some homework. then i recieved some calls. i was an overall ass on the phones. i had a good chat with marisa. i am going to her house tonight for a party. i never made it to logan square.

tonight i am not sure what is up. going to marisas house. hopefully hanging with james. other then that hopefully have a good time.

this weekend i plan on doing laundry and do some filing. clean up the center room. rewrite my resume. get at least one sketch model done. perhaps buy supplies to make more sketch models (liquid latex/dyes)

i also want to get 2 new outfits. and maybe a pair of super comfortable shoes. i think i should also do something with my hair. it is pretty wild. they havent said anything about it at work. so maybe i will wait until they do?

i dunno. have a good weekend. back to work for me.

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